Memory Books - look back on happy moments and milestones

Look back on happy moments and milestones

A good way to come to terms with the loss of someone is to focus on the positive and remember the happy times. A book about your loved one can help you do that.

Our Memory Books are written by professional story-tellers and designed personally for you. Each hardback book charts the life of the person being celebrated through pictures and a series of extended captions. It can contain all your favourite photographs, as well as other mementoes.

An eBook is supplied with every order so that you can take wonderful memories with you wherever you go on your iPad or iPhone. The Memory Book can also be handed down for future generations to look back on and enjoy.

You provide the photographs (maximum 100 images) and biographical details and we do the rest. Pictures are displayed in an eye-catching way, using a mixture of single and multi-image page designs. Snippets such as a handwritten letter, favourite recipe, poem or picture (perhaps even one the person painted) can also be included.

All books are beautifully constructed and printed on superior quality paper. If you haven’t got the pictures in a digital form suitable for printing, don’t worry. We offer an image copying service for photographs and 35mm slides. Each image is hand-copied and digitally enhanced to improve print quality. You also receive a set of digital copies which you can share on social media and memorial websites such as

This service is provided by our partner, Write Tribute, which also offers a eulogy and obituary writing service.

Ask your funeral director if you would like to see an example of one of our Memory Books

When we receive your order, we will send you a simple form to complete with questions about your loved one. For more information email