What families say...

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If you arrange a funeral with us we will create a free memorial web page for your loved one on HeavenAddress, which is extremely popular with our families.

The digital platform has revolutionised the way we now celebrate the lives of our nearest and dearest. Once we’ve set up the page, it can be used to share precious memories with relatives and friends throughout the world.

Families and friends find it comforting to have somewhere they can go to online to remember their relation, especially if they live far away. It also provides a record of the person’s life for future generations to appreciate.

You can post photos, videos and audio clips, including music and voice recordings, on the listing. As well as leaving your tributes and condolences, you can send virtual flowers or light a virtual candle.

Full details of a funeral service can also be added so that visitors to the website receive directions and a map of the location.

Halliwell can provide an iPad at the reception for mourners to record, write or film their personal thoughts which are uploaded to a guest book on the page. Young children can even contribute sketches.

Other features of the site include the ability to choose a charity and request donations in lieu of gifts or flowers. Friends and relatives can then make a donation to the nominated charity via HeavenAddress.

We leave it to you to decide whether you want the memorial page to be made public, or kept private. If you opt for the former, you can edit any material that is made public.

For more information visit Heaven Address